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Matilda’s Field Terms and conditions
We are Michael and Donna Bottomley, Trading as ‘Matilda’s Field’. Our address is: Tyddyn Amlwg, Dyfnant Forest, Llanwddyn, SY10 0NL.
You are: Anyone who makes a booking with us. A booking will be deemed to constitute acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

Booking Terms
We will confirm your booking with us following the payment of a deposit of 25% (or full payment within 6 weeks of your stay). Our confirmation email will finalise your booking.
If the balance remaining is not paid by the due date as stated on your booking confirmation, and you have not been in contact with us to cancel, we reserve the right to cancel your booking and retain your deposit.
We can only accept bookings from people over 18 years of age. We reserve the right to refuse a booking at any time. Only the number of persons on the booking confirmation will be permitted in the accommodation. Your booking is personal to the named person on the booking form and you may not transfer this booking to anyone else. If you feel you need to do this, please contact us.

The current price for our accommodation units will be stated on our website. Occasionally there may be a change to our prices, but we will endeavour to update these as soon as is practicable however please refer to your confirmation of booking email to confirm the final price payable for your stay.
We ask for a deposit of 25% of the total price of your stay to secure your booking and then the balance will be payable 6 weeks prior to your stay. If you are booking within 6 weeks of your stay we require payment in full.
The price of your accommodation includes:
Rental of a Safari Tent canvas lodge tent and use of your own private toilet and shower facilities, bed linen, pillows, duvet, initial supply of wood for the burner, use of water, gas, car parking. We also include some items which we feel will be helpful for your stay such as: loose tea, coffee beans, washing up sponges/cloths and liquid, salt and pepper, sugar.
The following are not included: –
wood for the wood burner (after initial free supply), BBQ charcoals, toiletries and food and drinks.

Payment Methods
We can take payments via our website, or over the phone or bank transfer. You can pay by Paypal, Credit or Debit card, Cheque or Bank Transfer.

Security of your payment details
We use recognised third-party payment providers such as Paypal, Stripe and Square to process our card payments and as such your details will be subject to the encryption processes that these providers use and are not controlled by us. We will never store your financial details. Further details about how we process your data is included in our privacy policy on this website.
Bank charges by the receiving bank on payments to us will be borne by us. All other charges relating to payment in a currency other than pounds Sterling will be borne by you.

Cancellation Policy
We do understand that sometimes things happen which mean you may need to cancel your booking with us. The following will apply depending on when you need to cancel: –
If you cancel prior to 6 weeks of the date of your stay we will refund you in full.
If you cancel within 3-6 weeks of the date of your stay your deposit will be non-refundable and 50% of any remaining balance paid will be returned to you.
If you cancel within 3 weeks of the date of your stay or do not arrive on the day of your booking no monies will be refunded.
We would encourage you to take out travel insurance to cover cancellations, personal accident, personal belongings etc.
If we must cancel your booking due to an event outside of our control, we will do our best to help you find alternative accommodation and we will arrange to refund you in full.
If we owe you money we will credit your credit or debit card as soon as reasonably practicable but, in any event, no later than 14 days from the date when we accept that repayment is due.

Please let us know as soon as possible if there are any changes you would like to make to your booking. We will do our best to accommodate you however some changes may incur a change in your total booking cost, but we will inform you of this as soon as possible.

Security Deposit
At the time of your booking we will add on a refundable security deposit of £50.00 which will be returned to you within 14 days of the date of your stay provided there is no damage and no significant breakages to our property. We completely understand that small items may get broken and would ask you to let us know so we can replace them. However, some replacements and repairs will incur a more significant charge to us, and in this instance, we reserve the right to retain your deposit and charge for any extra amount at the cost of replacement plus and admin charge of £20 per hour to repair/replace and make good the damage.
We may ask for a larger security deposit for group bookings.

Arrival and Departure
Check-in for our safari tents is between 3-6pm. It is important to arrive before nightfall as we are in the middle of a forest and can be hard to find. It is also pitch dark here at night as we have no street lighting in the forest. Please let us know if you need to arrive after 6pm.
Check-out is 12pm on day of departure.

Pets and Dogs
Well-behaved dogs are allowed but must not be left in the accommodation unsupervised. They must be kept on a lead always (no exceptions, due to there being livestock on the site and a farm nearby whose animals are on adjacent fields). Farmers are entitled to take action against any dogs who may be worrying their sheep, so we have to make you aware of this.
Please bring your own dog bed(s) as we respectfully ask that dogs do not go onto the furniture/beds in the tent. We charge £10 per night per dog and a maximum of two dogs are allowed in each safari tent.
For other pets please email us to enquire if we can accommodate them.

Smoking and Vaping
Smoking is strictly prohibited anywhere on our site. Vaping is allowed in the grounds of the site but not in the tent, bathroom/shower or on the veranda of the tent.

Day Visitors
Day visitors are allowed however the total number of persons on site per tent should not exceed 8 persons. Visitors are also required to sign in and out with us due to safety regulations.
Please be aware that we reserve the right to amend this at certain times of the year (please see your booking confirmation which will clearly state if this is not allowed on the dates of your booking). We ask that all visitors have left the site before nightfall. We have the right to ask your visitors to leave prior to this for example due to inappropriate behaviour or site or weather issues.

We do not accept any responsibility for theft, loss or damage to your property during your stay with us. By entering into a contract with us you agree to indemnify us and hold us harmless from all costs, losses, charges, and damage incurred or sustained arising out of any breach by You or any member of Your party. If you believe that you have sustained a loss, damage or injury by our acts or omissions or something within our control, you must report it to us within two weeks of your departure date.
You agree that in circumstances when we may become liable to you, the limit of our liability is no more than the amount you have paid us for your booking.
You agree to indemnify us against all costs, claims and expenses arising directly or indirectly from any act, neglect or default by you or any agent, employee, licensee or customer of yours.

Force majeure
Certain events that may happen are outside of our control and may result in a termination of our agreement through no fault of ours or yours. Such events include but are not restricted to: threat of war, flood, fire, extreme weather events, blockades, earthquake, subsidence, epidemic or other natural disaster.

Please let us know as soon as possible during your stay if there is anything at all that you are not sure about or not happy with.

Guest Behaviour and Site rules
We have the right to cancel our contract with you at any time and ask you to leave the site should there be damage to our property or persons or any behaviour which we judge to be inappropriate.
Children under 18 must always be supervised by an appropriate adult.
It is not permitted for you to bring any of the following to the site: firearms, hunting equipment, drones, rocket fireworks (standard fireworks are permitted), Chinese/sky lanterns.
Please be respectful of our environment and place all litter in the bins provided. Also, please be aware that due to our location in the middle of a forest there will be many species of wildlife as well as livestock present so please do not leave any food outside your tent overnight.
Please make sure that the BBQ is cleaned and all washing up is done prior to checking out, and that you leave the Safari tent in the condition in which it was when you arrived.

We make every effort to keep our website up to date and the information on it is provided in good faith. We have the right to cancel or make amendments to our website at any time.
You agree to accept responsibility for all activities that occur under your account or password. You should tell us immediately if you believe some person has accessed your account without your authority and log in to your account and change your password.
Our website content is our property and reserve all rights associated with this copyright. If you wish to use any of our information for anything other than personal use, please do contact us at info@matildasfield.co.uk
You agree that you will not, and will not allow any other person to:
1.1. modify, copy, or cause damage or unintended effect to any portion of Our Website, or any software used within it.
1.2. link to Our Website in any way that would cause the appearance or presentation of the site to be different from what would be seen by a user who accessed the site by typing the URL into a standard browser;
1.3. aggregate, copy or duplicate in any manner any of the Content or information available from Our Website, other than as permitted by this agreement or as is reasonably necessary for your use of Our Website;
1.4. share with a third party any login credentials to Our Website.

In this paragraph the term “ADR Provider” means an approved body under the Alternative Dispute Resolution for Consumer Dispute Regulations 2015.
The following terms apply in the event of a dispute between the parties:
1.5. If you are not happy with our services or have any complaint, then you must tell us by email message to: info@matildasfield.co.uk.
1.6. Detailed information about our complaint handling procedure is at http://www.matildasfield.co.uk/privacy-policy
1.7. If a dispute is not settled as set out above, we hope you will agree to attempt to resolve it by engaging in good faith with us in a process of mediation or arbitration.
1.8. We can propose an ADR Provider or will listen to your proposal. If you are in any way concerned, you should read the regulations at: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/.
2. Miscellaneous matters
2.1. When we communicate with you we do so by email. You agree that email communications are contractually binding in the same way as properly signed and dated paper sent by post.
2.2. Where we provide goods or services without specific charge to you, then it (or they) is/are deemed to be provided free of charge, and not to be associated with any other Goods/Services for which a charge is made. Accordingly, there is neither contractual nor other obligation upon us in respect of those goods or that service.
2.3. The rights and obligations of the parties set out in this agreement shall pass to any permitted successor in title.
2.4. No failure or delay by any party to exercise any right, power or remedy will operate as a waiver of it nor indicate any intention to reduce that or any other right in the future.
2.5. Any communication to be served on either party by the other shall be delivered by hand or sent by first class post or recorded delivery or by e-mail.
It shall be deemed to have been delivered:
if delivered by hand: on the day of delivery;
if sent by post to the correct address: within 72 hours of posting;
If sent by e-mail to the address from which the receiving party has last sent e-mail: within 24 hours if no notice of non-receipt has been received by the sender.
2.6. This agreement does not give any right to any third party under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 / Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) (Scotland) Act 2017 or otherwise.
2.7. Neither party shall be liable for any failure or delay in performance of this agreement which is caused by circumstances beyond his reasonable control, [including any labour dispute between a party and its employees].
2.8. In the event of any conflict between any term of this agreement and the provisions of the articles of a limited company or any comparable document intended to regulate any other corporate or collective body, then the terms of this agreement shall prevail.
2.9. The validity, construction and performance of this agreement shall be governed by the laws of [England and Wales / Scotland / Northern Ireland] and you agree that any dispute arising from it shall be litigated only in that country.

To exercise the right to cancel, you must inform us of your decision to cancel this contract by a clear statement, sent to us by post or e-mail.
You may use our example cancellation wording (below), but you can use your own words as long as your intention is clear.

Cancellation form
To: Matilda’s Field, Tyddyn Amlwg, Llanwddyn, SY10 0NL. info@matildasfield.co.uk
I/We hereby give notice that I/we cancel my/our accommodation booking. Reference Number (if available).
Name: [enter name or names in which the order was made],
Address: [enter your address]

We reserve the right to change our website, including prices, and terms and conditions, without notice.
Michael and Donna Bottomley, Trading as ‘Matilda’s Field’
Last updated: 29th September 2018
These Terms & Conditions were based on a set provided by Andrew Taylor and Net Lawman Ltd. http://www.netlawman.co.uk

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